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Doire Chuais

A copy of the note card used to gather references
 on Derrycoosh - courtesy of
Yes, even Derrycoosh has a multitude of spelling possibilites.  Check the concentration of Walshes in the area in 1856.  No wonder I am having so much trouble sorting them out...


Oakwood of the Cavern

Home of the Walsh Family 

References in Records

·        1611      Deirencouth Inq.(ME), I.79[i]              
·        1635      Dermgouse, the qr of Straff. Inq. ME, §309V[ii]
·        1677      Derrigoule alias Derricause alias Cornehonnell or houell 1 qr.ASE, 236[iii]     
·        1684      Derrycouse ASE, 278iv      
·        1685      Derycorsk [sic] Hib. Del.[iv]
·        1710c    Derrycause als Derrygowle als Cornehovell CRL, 2A.3.16, 74[v]    
·        1725      Derrycouse als Derrygouse als Cornhacrett  CGn., Volume 48.182.31281[vi] 
·        1725      Derricouse als Derrygouse  CGn., Volume 46.389.29042vii
·        1740c    Derrycouse, Derrygouse  CGn., Volume 123.531.86019 vii            
·        1792      Derrycause als Derrygowle  QRL, 2A.6.74, 312[vii]        
·        1811      Derrycoush  Bald Bog Map, 2[viii]              
·        1830      Derrycoush  Bald, 13[ix]    
·        1833      Derrycoush North, Derrycoush South TAB, §23[x]
·        1838      Ordnance Survey Sources ME61,27
·           Derrycoosh OD:AL [xi]
·           Doire 'cuais, 'oak wood of the cavern'OD:ALxii
·           Derrycoush  BM:AL [xii]
·           Derrycoush CM:AL[xiii]
·           Derrynacoosh  BS:AL [xiv]

Walsh Families in County Mayo -1856
Mayo County Library - Maptool

[i] Ionchoisní Chontae Mhaigh Eo/Inquisitions County Mayo I - III. Lámhscríbhinn
[ii] The Strafford Inquisition of County Mayo (RIA MS 24 E 15) Leabhar Údar: William O’Sullivan
[iii] Abstracts of Grants of Lands..under the Acts of Settlement and Explanation, A.D.1666-1684 (Appendix to Fifteenth Annual Report from the Commissioners of Public Records of Ireland, 45-280; 1825) Lámhscríbhinn 1666-84
[iv] Hiberniæ Delineatio, William Petty Léarscáil Foilsitheoir: Irish University Press (1969)
[v] Crown Rental of Lands. Lámhscríbhinn
[vi] Clárlann na nGníomhas/Registry of Deeds, Tagraítear d'imleabhar, leathanach, gníomhas.
[vii] Quit Rent Ledgers Alt irise
[viii] Map of the Bogs, Lying on the South Western Part of the County of Mayo whose waters discharge themselves into Clew Bay, Killery Harbour and Lough Mask. Léarscáil Údar: William Bald
[ix] William Bald, A Map of the Maritime County of Mayo, in 25 sheets; surveyed between 1809 and 1817 and published in 1830 Léarscáil Bliain foilsithe: 1830
[x] Tithe Composition (Applotment) Book (imleabhair lámhscríofa ó c. 1830 atá ar coimeád sa Chartlann Náisiúnta) Lámhscríbhinn Nóta: Go minic, tugtar ainm an pharóiste, nó eolas eile i gcolún na nótaí.
[xi] O'Donovan (leagan Gaeilge de logainm nó nóta agus é scríofa le dúch; John O’Donovan / Seán Ó Donnabháin a scríobh de ghnáth), ex AL. A note or an Irish form of a placename in the Ordnance Survey Parish Namebooks, usually written by John O'Donovan. Lámhscríbhinn 1838
[xii] Barony Map ex Ainmleabhar Paróiste na Suirbhéireachta Ordanáis / Ordnance Survey Parish Namebook
Lámhscríbhinn Bliain foilsithe: 1830-40
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[xiv] Boundary Surveyor c. 1830 as AL Lámhscríbhinn 1830

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