The earliest records of our English family are found in County Kerry in the district of Gullane.

Gullane meaning "good Land" is located near the Shannon River, about 3 1/2 miles north of Ballybunion, within the Barony of Iraghticonnor and the Diocese of Ballybunion and the Parish of Kilconly.  The English family resided in Gullane at least as early as the 1820's when Thomas English occupied 235 acres of land in East Gullane.

In the 1850's Edmund, Thomas's son, leased approximately 27 acres of land on his own and another 88 jointly with his brothers: Jeremiah, Thomas and John.  Jeremiah, Thomas and John all had additional lands. In fact the total land held by the brothers was the same 235 acres originally held by Thomas Sr. Thus we assume that Thomas is the father of Thomas, Edmund, John and  Jeremiah, but it is still open to change if proof to the contrary is found.

  1. Jean Ann English (1925 MN -2011 WA) m. James Howard Madden (MaddenMoments)
  2. John Edward English (1891 MN-1966 AZ) m. Mary Agnes Geraghty (Dropbox)
  3. Edmund English (1856 IRE -1920 MN) m. Anna Baier (Dropbox)  Pt 1  Pt 2  Children
  4. Edmund (Ned) English (abt 1825 IRE - abt 1861 IRE) m. Mary Lawler (Dropbox )
  5. Thomas English (abt 1787 - bef 1853) m. Catherine  (Dropbox)
  6. English Ancestry (Dropbox)


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