The origin of the surname Geraghty is attributed to Oireachtach O Roduibh who was recorded in the Book of Connacht circa 1390 during the reign of Art MacMurrough, King of Leinster.   The head of the clan was one of the four Royal Chiefs under O'Conor and they were prominent in Connacht records.  The chief (MacGiriagh) was also seated as the Baron of Athlone in 1585.

There are at least seventeen spellings today including MacGarrity, MacGeraghty, Gerty, Garrity...etc all derived from Mag Oireachtach which translates to "the son of a member of the Assembly.  Members of the clan were predominantly found in Galway, Roscommon, Sligo and Mayo.

 Our Geraghty family is found in Carrownaclea (Carnaclay) County Mayo by the 1820s.


1. Mary Agnes Geraghty 1892 MN - 1988 AZ m. John English (Dropbox Folder)
2. John Geraghty 1864 IRE -1897 MN m. Mary Agnes Walsh (Dropbox Folder)
3. Patrick Geraghty 1839 IRE -1923 MN m. Mary Killeen   (Dropbox Folder)
4. Edward (Ned) Geraghty 1810 IRE -1880 IRE m. Judith Ludden  (Dropbox Folder)
Martin or Anthony Geraghty?


Carrownaclea, Mayo, Ireland
St. Paul, Minnesota

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