The O'Lalors were one of the Seven Septs of Leix.  Originally located near the famous Rock of
Dunamase in Co. Leix , they were driven from the area by English invaders under Elizabeth I.  O'Lalor Mills in co. Leix was the scene of the treaty which resulted in the transplantation of the leaders of the Seven Septs to Co. Kerry.  The peasants and workers of the O'Lalor sept remained in their old territory, a fact that is born out by the prevalence of the name there.

The name itself is said to be derived from  leath (half) and  labhar (sick person / or stammerer) was the name of two early kings of Ulidia whose families are now extinct as well as the one that was one of the Seven Septs of Leix, 

Our Lawlors are found in the Gullane district of Co. Kerry.  Perhaps they were descended from the transplanted leaders, or perhaps not?  At this point our knowledge of the family history in Ireland is limited to two generations beginning in approximately 1800.  Let the search continue.

  1. Mary Lawlor (1819-1909) m. Edward English m2. John Carmody (Dropbox )
  2. Thomas Lawlor  (abt 1800 - prob. 1873) m. Catherine (Dropbox )
  3. Lawlor Ancestry (Dropbox)
    • From Kilconly Parish, Kerry to Minnesota (Dropbox)
    • Lawlors found in Kilconly Parish  (Dropbox)
    • Lawlors in Olmsted and Winona Counties MN  (Dropbox )



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