The meaning of the name Baier is from Bavaria, and it is a very very common name there.  The earliest record of our Baiers actually include an "L" at the end of the name BAIERL.  That is not enough to help find records in Bavaria, however.  Aunt Dode said the family was from the area near Regensburg and I'm sure she had that right, but I don't have an actual town.  Perhaps I will find someone who can decipher our smallpox certificate and find it actually does provide a town, but to date the translations that we have managed do not do so.  We keep looking!

  1. Anna Baier (1867 WI - 1948 MN) m. Edmund English (Dropbox)
  2. John Baier(l) (1846 Bavaria - 1924 MN) m. Mary Delmore (Dropbox)  pt 2, descendants
  3. Johann Baier(l) (abt 1806 Bavaria - 1894 WI) m. Gretch Kunagunta (Dropbox)
  4. Baier Farm - Haverhill
  5. Baier Ancestry (Dropbox)



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