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Taobh Aonghais Thiar - Taobh Aonghais Thoir

Julia Burke was a resident of Teevinish when she married John Walsh.  The record does not indicate whether it was Teevisih West or Teevinish East, but then it wasn't until the early 1800s that we find any reference to it being split.  Julia's baptism has not been found and her father was deceased when she married so to date I am unsure of the family, although I can make an educated guess.  We find references to Teevinish as early as 1592 when Thomas McGibon was listed as being from there. With the number of rent rolls available it might be possible to find further information.

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Taohb translates to hillside  and O'Donovan gives the meaning as Side of the New Milk.

·        1592c    Tvevenishe, Tho. McGibon of · F, 5800[i]
·        1617      Tibenish · Inq.(ME), II.191[ii]              
·        1617      Tivenish, the town, lands and qr of · CPR, 318a[iii]           
·        1633      Teivenish · Inq.(ME), III.395iv              
·        1635      Tyconish · Straff. Inq. ME, §53V iv            
·        1635      1 cartron in the qr of Tivenish called Gortneiskeaghy · Straff. Inq. ME, §16[iv]     
·        1661      Carrona als Carthunagh als Tywinch 1 Cartron · BSD ME, 103[v]              
·        1661      Gurtnetracka als Gortecacka als Tywinish 1 Cartron · BSD ME, 103vii              
·        1661      Tewenish als Tuwish als Gorteneere & Gortneskehie ½ Cart · BSD ME, 103 vii  
·        1677      Carona als Carowhanagh... Teveinish als Towinish... Gortnaskehie · Palmer Est., 40,886/2(1)[vi]            
·        1680      Thyvonish 1 qr. · ASE, 268.14[vii]              
·        1681      Carrowna alias Carrowhannagh als Twinish 1 cart. · ASE, 272.33ix              
·        1681      Towenish alias Tienrish als Gortneneere alias Gortneskehie ½ qr · ASE, 272.33 ix     
·        1698      Tivenish 1 qr · Browne's RR, 1698[viii] 
·        1699      Tivenish 1 qr · Browne's RR, 1699x   
·        1704      Tovenish · Browne's RR, 1704 x              
·        1708c    Tevinish 1 qr · Browne’s Lands, II[ix]          
·        1708c    Tevnish 1 qr · Browne’s Lands, Ixi
·        1710c    Towenish als Gortneneer als Gortneskellace... Tynish · CRL, 2A.3.16, 78, 79[x] 
·        1792      Tynish, Gortintrackna als Gortbracke als · QRL, 2A.6.73, 339[xi]              
·        1797      Tevenish · Sligo RR, IV/1 [xii]
·        1800      Tevenish East · Sligo RR, IV/1xiv                       
·        1802      Theuinish West & East Browne's RR, 1802 x       
·        1812      East & West Tievinish  Bald Bog Map[xiii]  
Teevinish - note the hill splitting the two
Bald's Map Overlay
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·        1818      Thevenish West Sligo RR, 1818 xiv                                 
·        1820      Thevenish West & East Sligo RR, IV/3 xiv                                         
·        1830      East & West Tievinish   Bald, Number 18[xiv]     
·        1838      Ordnance Survey Resources ME010,5 &ME010,6  
·           Theevenish TAB:AL[xv]      
·           Theevinish Vestry Cess 1833:AL [xvi]
·           Teevnish West; Teevnish East  BS:AL[xvii]
·           Theomh nísh híar (West Teevnish); Theomh nísh her (East Teevnish)  Giblin, P.:AL[xviii]
·           Teevnish West & East Rent Office:AL (ME) [xix]
·           West Teevinish, East Tievinish CM[xx]
·           Tevanagh part of Moyne Excise QRL:AL[xxi]             
·           Tivinish S&V:AL[xxii]
·           Teevinish &c · OD:AL [xxiii]
·           Taobh-ionais, 'side of the new milk' · OD:ALxxv
·           Taobh inis · pl:AL[xxiv]        
·           Tavnish · Query Bk. 1837:AL (ME)[xxv]  
·           Tibenish · Inq. J I:AL[xxvi]   
·           Tivenish · Strafford:AL [xxvii]
·           Taobh ionais · pl:AL xxvi    

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