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An Gallán Thoir

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Gullane East

Gullane is prominent in the early Down’s Survey map of County Kerry, situated right in the Middle of Kil(l)conley Parish.  The earliest references I've found to East, West and Middle Gullane seem to appear to be in the Boundary Surveyor notes circa 1830, leaving the question of when they in fact were considered three separate townlands. offers two notes on the name besides the dated references.  The first says Cárta – An Gallán 9.10.00 DED and the second An Seabhac: Gallán = cloch mhór ina seasamh An Chloch Lia sa chuid thiar – Cnoc beag which translates to The Hawk: Pillar large upright stone; the Stone ? in the western part - a small hill.

Gullane East, Kerry, Ireland


·        1655       Gallane · DS[i]  The Barony of Fraght I Connor in the County of Kerry The soyle in generall is cold Boggy and Wiidy is the arable land yeing in little places invironed wth Bog and wood, corne it will yield by standing and other Manure but the Knight of Kerryes Land all along by the Feale side to Listehill and the Land of Listowell they are Rich land for Corne and also ye Mannor of Harbert is rich and dry both for corne and pastureing and lyeth very convenient bordering with the River of Shannon where the Slate, fireing, corne and all other profits may be sent by Boat to Limerick or else where there is noe River in this Barony other than is already sett forth onely the River of Galey that runs from ye County of Limerick This barony is in breadth from Listowhill the most southward part to Carrigenfoyle the Northeast part five Miles Irish and in length from the Castle of Ballysmone in the west in the Spring called Glassincarrinirily on the East tenn Irish Miles  The Down Survey of Ireland
  • ·        1660      Gallane· BSD (Ci), 145[ii]  
    ·        1671      Gallan· ASE, 47:38[iii]        
    ·        1685      Gallan · Hib. Del.[iv]           
    ·        1841      Sources from Ordnance Survey Ci063,12 There are identical references for Gullane Middle Ci063,13  and Gullane West Ci063,14
    o   Gullane etc. · OD (corr.):AL [v]              
    o   Gallán, 'a standing stone' · OD:AL[vi]
    o   Gallane · Vallancey Map:AL [vii]              
    o   Gullaun East · Buckley, Rev. J.:AL      
    o   Gullane East · Cess Coll.:AL[viii]               
    o   Gullane East · Map of Land:AL               
    o   Gullane East · Rent Receipt:AL[ix]               
    o   Gullaun East · Local:AL; BS:AL [x]
    o   Gullane East · Applot. 1839:AL[xi] 

    [i] Down Survey (Barony Maps - Hiberniae Regnum, 1654, cóipeanna a rinne an tSuirbhéireacht Ordanáis ó na bunchóipeanna i bPáras, 1908) Léarscáil Bliain foilsithe: 1655-7  The Down Survey of Ireland
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